Trial Advocacy

Protecting & Advancing The Interests of Litigants

Trial Advocacy

When formal legal disputes arise and litigation posturing or the filing of a lawsuit ensues, companies and individuals face a variety of risks, and it is our job to identify those risks and provide reliable legal representation that combines strength of conviction, strategic decision making, and proven capabilities.

Whether parties are on the verge of suit, one has commenced, discovery and motions are in play, or trial is imminent, The Litigation Office of Weitz Morgan provides clients with standard-setting litigation services delivered by lawyers dedicated to helping you solve your litigation matters while keeping your goals in mind.

With a state and national reputation in civil litigation, our trial lawyers assist clients with complex and high-value cases. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants and regularly combine efforts with corporate counsel and other law firms seeking an edge in contested proceedings.

We recognize that entrusting your matters to us, particularly in contentious settings where significant consequences are at stake, requires creating a relationship built on expertise, trust, and alignment. Our assertive approach to moving cases, our legal acumen, and our attentive client relationships enable us to provide trustworthy counsel and solid approaches for those that choose our firm.

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