Negotiated Solutions

Strategic Counsel in Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Negotiated Solutions

Achieving a resolution in a litigation setting does not always mean a trip to the courthouse. We want to produce satisfactory results for you, whether that means negotiating a fair settlement or trying a case in the courtroom. Although we enjoy an impressive record of courtroom achievements, our lawyers seek to optimize case outcomes while managing the costs, time, and stress of a lawsuit on clients. Our reputation for diligent preparation and aggressive advocacy gives our clients a range of options—to comfortably go to trial, to reach a favorable settlement, or to seek resolution through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution resources.

The attorneys working in The Litigation Office of Weitz Morgan have years of experience in mediations, arbitrations, and informal settlement negotiations. By providing the mediator (or opposing counsel) a view of the facts that can be supported by admissible evidence and a reasonable evaluation of trial outcomes based on applicable legal authority combined with aggressive and articulate persuasion, clients can be assured that their position is thoroughly represented and argued.

Effective representation of clients in dispute resolution requires the same level of diligence and assertiveness as is required in presenting a jury trial. The outcome of a mediation or other alternative dispute resolution session depends, to a large degree, on the performance of counsel, so having the right attorneys who understand that preparation and advocacy are key to successful outcomes is a critical component to effective negotiated solutions.

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